Isabled - Rewarding Careers For People With Disabilities

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Rewarding Careers For People With Disabilities

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ISABLED, a division of Astound Virtual connects recruiters and individuals with disabilities through online recruiting events. The virtual career fairs hosted by ISABLED are a fun, easy and effective means to bring recruiters and job seekers together from anywhere/anytime.
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ISABLED, is open and available to all individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment. A large portion of the job seekers who utilize the site are veterans with disabilities as a result of their service and sacrifice to our country. Through our sister company, Veteran Recruiting, we have grown a massive network of disabled veterans who are eager to find rewarding careers after service.

What is a virtual career fair?

Simply put, our virtual career fairs work exactly like a traditional career fair, but without the need to travel, dress up, or even leave your home or office. The virtual career fairs allow you to; research companies, chat with recruiters in their virtual booth, view/apply for jobs, chat with your peers, and build your network. In essence, we bring the career fair to you! Sign up today and we will email you upcoming dates of our virtual career fairs.

Virtual Career Fair
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